The explosion of love.

I am sure you have all heard about it by now, but in case you are from outside of NYC...the craziest thing happened yesterday, right in my neck of the woods.

This guy, a cardiologist no less, placed explosives in the town home where he lived with his ex-wife in an effort to stop her from taking possession of the home! This happened on East 62nd St between Park and Madison on the upper east side of Manhattan. Apparently, the wife was granted the townhouse in the divorce settlement and the man decided that it would rather see it burn to the ground than allow her to have it.

He wrote in an email to her that "soon she would go from a gold-digger to a ash and rubble digger"- not a bad line! Apparently the couple lived there for their whole marriage and the guy also worked there. According to the news the guy was obsessed with the building and was planning to live in it until he died. The building actually exploded and fell straight to the ground (see photo) but fortunately no one was catastrophically injured and now the man is feeling remorse!

This makes me think about love and hate and how closely connected they are. If you have ever been in love or in hate you know what I am talking about- the emotions are so diametrically opposed yet feel almost identical, right? Love is this giddy, sweet happy feeling while hate is this blood-boiling seething feeling yet the height of the emotions are the same, just as strong, just as intense and just as all consuming. And they say that you can only hate someone or something you actually loved, otherwise you probably just dislike it strongly, not hating it.

And they say (whomever they are) that you really can't love an inanimate object that you can only feel affection for it, desire it or really enjoy it, whereas people you can love.

So I wonder if the press is right, did this guy explode the building because of his love of the building or did the building just symbolize his actual love of his wife? Maybe this crazy doctor was just a love sick guy who didn’t know how to reign in his emotions so he snapped and acted in a fit of desperation or maybe he is just crazy. What do you think?