Last minute Valentine's Day advice


If you expect less, you will be pleasantly surprised.

No matter what you get as a gift, be gracious and say thank you. You can evaluate it, pick it apart with your friends or hate it later. If you don't you might be sorry.

Don't judge your valentine if he or she cannot be as mushy gushy as you would like. Mushy gushy takes time.

Girls like mushy gushy, so do your best to do it tonight, its that kind of night.

Don't get upset or bothered by the Valentine's prices- expect it to be expensive!

Make sure to pay a compliment to your date even if she doesn't look good in your eyes; she is expecting it.

Don't bring a sleazy lingerie outfit for a girl you just started dating. If that was your plan, save it for another night, this could backfire!

Guys expect action on Valentine's Night. Yes, "that" kind of action! You don't have to be sleazy about it, but a little nooky is appropriate.