Young love on the rocks!

Breaking news this morning- Nicole Richie and DJ “Adam” AM broke off their engagement!

I know you might not care- but its headline news everywhere and it fits with the blog, so I am going to comment a little. And...I think she has done “a bang up job of transforming herself into a classy and interesting young lady!” so she deserves a few words.

Up until today, this young impetuous couple seemed like they were going to make it to the altar. I guess “seemed” was the operative word.

So what happened? Nicole and Paris broke up, Paris replaced Nicole with the other Paris, and with Kimberly Stewart (Rod’s daughter) in her life (her new “BFF’) and she even tried to replace her in her TV show (she tried to get Fox to let Kimberly try the Simple Life) Then… Dumped and alone, Nicole gets herself a boyfriend and a very serious one, very quickly (“Bye bye Paris, I have moved on”- her actions implied) So Nicole got thin, got a boyfriend, got a stylist- and became sexy and refined and grown up.

But was her relationship grown up? Or was it really just a rebound from a best friend breakup and an attempt to keep up with the Joneses, I mean the Hiltons?

Let’s take a look- Adam is cool, Nicole likes cool, Adam is in the music business, Nicole is used to the music business. Adam seems to be the strong silent type, so was Lionel Richie, her dad. Adam was age appropriate for her, not many many years older like Lindsay Loan’s beau. Daddy Lionel liked him, that’s important to a Daddy’s girl and last but certainly not least, they seemed to have fun together.

However… they got engaged way too quickly (what is the rush at their age? Was it only to catch up with the Paris shenanigans?), they sort of embody the opposites attract theory- she is a fashionista, he wears jeans hanging off his ass, she is neat and tidy, he’s a bit of a slob, she loves posing for the paparazzi, he could care less.

So now they break it off- the tabloids want it to be because Nicole needs to be neck and neck with everything Paris does. So when Paris breaks off her engagement, the tabloids want us to think that of course it was only a matter of time until Nicole did the same thing. This explanation makes its all neat and tidy for the press and gives the comedians more fodder. However, I don’t think it was that at all. I think Nicole is way over Paris and their feud. I think plain and simple, no pun intended, Nicole is just coming into herself. She lost weight, she got beautiful, she got a TV deal with Fox and now she has a book out- it’s Nicole’s time now, she doesn’t need to be engaged and married unless it’s right, and apparently its not. The relationship just hit the nine month mark and a lot of couples actually call it quits right before that year mark- that mark is quite daunting and makes things seem really real.

I applaud the breakup and her nerve to do it- you know that she knows that every talk show host in America is going to be making fun of her and how her life parallels her nemesis’s life. So… now besides dealing with the breakup which even if she hates the guy, will take time, she also has to deal with that.

That’s Hollywood.