What Men Really Want When It Comes To Dating

Please join Samantha for one of her one-hour live webinars entitled What Men Really Want When It Comes To Dating.

Samantha will provide insider tips on what men want when it comes to dating.

You will learn:

-Why men lose interest in a relationship & it’s NOT because they are commitment-phobic

-How to tell if a man wants a real relationship with YOU or is just leading you on

-Why a man really chooses one woman over another woman for a relationship

-What men really want you to wear on a date

-What men really think about what you order on a date

-What personality men really prefer

-How do you know if you are really on the same page as a man you are dating

-What really makes a man NOT call you again

-And much more

There will be a Q & A period at the end of the webinar

The Format:

You register at this link.

You will be reminded to attend with automatic email reminders

Please show up at 6:55pm by clicking on the webinar link

You will be attending anonymously UNLESS you raise your hand to say something or ask a Question during the Q & A.

You can stay in the webinar for as long as you like (hopefully for the full hour). However, you can leave if necessary and no one will know. Or you can leave and come back in again.

Once the webinar ends, it will be available for you to watch again at any point.
***If you register for the webinar and miss it or need to leave early,  the taped version with be available to you at any time AFTER the live webinar

The small print:

Samantha Daniels has been in the dating and matchmaking industry for over 20 years. She started my business before online dating and dating apps even existed (Yikes!) She has spent the past many years listening to her high-profile and successful men tell her what they like and what they don’t like when it comes to dating. She has all the insider information! As a result, she has helped thousands of people find love! Additionally, Samantha hosts events all over the country to pass along her invaluable tips.

Now, for the first time, she is offering her tips to you online in the privacy of your own home at a nominal fee. You don’t have to get all dressed up, no makeup is required and you don’t even need to leave your home. And guess what? You can even sit and do your nails, do your laundry or open your mail while Samantha’s shares her dating tips with you. She hopes to see you online!

***If you are already in love, please forward this to a friend who wants to find love too.