Tips from Samantha's book

Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern-Day Matchmaker

(Simon and Schuster)

Be wary of someone who immediately calls you their soul-mate, who comes on like a bulldozer, who makes jokes about the two of you moving in together immediately or who wants you to meet their mother before you have slept together. This is usually a recipe for a crash and burn situation.

Just because a guy is tall and gorgeous does not mean he has a large penis.

Men who act weak, snivel and don’t work are not attractive to women.

Using a pretense to ask a woman out on a date is a turn off.  Be a man, just ask her out.

Height requirements might be stopping you from meeting your guy. What would be so bad if your Prince Charming was 5’8?

Where a person grew up should be irrelevant to you as long the person is not insisting that you live there or go there on a regular basis.

It is a mistake to commit to an activity outside of your home town that takes up a lot of time, because that time becomes time away from the place you should be meeting your mate.

If you spend all your time hanging out with married people, you are unlikely to find a person to marry yourself.

Serial monogamists can be worse than players because they will lead you on by getting into a real relationship with you only to break up with you because they have a fear of commitment

Even beautiful sexy women get nervous before dates.

It doesn’t matter if a man can pick a great date place. At the end of the day it’s more important that he’s willing to go to the places you pick out since when you are married, women usually wind up making all the social plans.

Men who come from picture-perfect families can have very high expectations for their own relationships. Keep this in mind as you date and try to get this man to live in the present instead of his childhood past.

Men who come from divorced families are not always dysfunctional. A lot of times they want to have a better marriage than their parents had, and they will work harder for that.