Here's what I know...Women and the Super Bowl

Did you ever notice that a girlwill forego watching the Super Bowl if there is a cute guy in the room?

Here's what I know...

(1)No matter what, girls care more about boys than they do about football.

(2)Girls go to Super Bowl parties to meet boys even if they claim that they love the sport.

(3)Girls pick Super Bowl outfits that are just casual enough with a hint of sexy. This choosing process takes a long time and the women walk a fine line here... a short skirt, high boots and a sexy top just doesn't cut it at a Super Bowl party, but a short shirt, high boots and a "Go Cardinals" t-shirt might!

(4)Girls spend more time thinking about where they are going to watch the Super Bowl than a guys does even though chances are, she has no intention of watching the game!
(5)Girls like to organize the "box game" even though they have no idea how it really works. This is a great excuse to meet every guy in the room!

(6)Girls love to bet the game, but not for money, usually for some "flirtation" prize like a massage or cocktails with the "man of the hour"!