A Summer Dating Thought: A Romantic Picnic

Lovely summer picnic
The best dates are those where you  are really connecting with someone when you aren’t really doing anything and just spending time together.  Take a picnic, for example, you can sit in a pretty park with no other distractions and really get to know each other better. The best thing about a picnic is that it is just the two of you on your picnic blanket with food and drinks to share and no pesky waiter to interrupt your tranquility. 
Sunny day in Hudson River Park

If you don’t feel like cooking, Perfect Picnic NYC is a great alternative.. This company offers you the choice of  European and American style picnics, to be delivered to wherever you are having your picnic (a park, apartment or on a rooftop). And for location choices, don’t discount Central Park because you have been there so many times, it is still one of the most romantic places in the city with all it nooks and crannies for private little interludes. Hudson Park along the Hudson River spans for miles and beautiful this time a year. Go ahead and grab a blanket!

Samantha's Dating Thought-Romance at the Zoo

In an age when dinner and movie dates are the norm, it is hard to come up with fun date ideas to keep your relationship exciting. One of the best summer date ideas is spending a day at the zoo. You get to enjoy the warm, summer sun together while admiring and learning about all of the exotic animals you may have never seen. While the Bronx Zoo has a larger variety of animals to admire, the Central Park Zoo offers adult programs where you can eat breakfast with the birds and take photography and painting classes, all while spending time with your honey. Learning about new things with your date is a really great bonding experience so, plan ahead and enjoy all the activities the zoo has to offer!

Samantha's Simple Pleasure-- Biking in Central Park

Sometimes when you live in a big city, you can forget the small things that make your city so special. Take for example, New York's Central Park. It's one of the most amazing parks in the world, yet living in NY, sometimes New Yorker forget to enjoy it's beauty. So, go grab your beau, rent a couple of bicycles and reacquaint yourself with nature and the simple pleasures; what a romantic way to spend a Fall day!