How To Make Your Long Distance Love Last

It may be that the hot summer months in far flung locations have brought about a long distance romance you didn’t expect. And now, your friends might cast you doubtful looks and besiege you with comments that question whether you can make such a relationship stretch the span of 3000 miles. 

While many will be quick to judge, offer you advice and speculate, there will also be those who are jealous because long distance love definitely has its perks. Here are a few tips to help make a transatlantic romance go the distance.

---Give your long distance love little sweet nothings.

 In order to keep the romance alive during that time apart, you need to make an extra effort so that your partner knows that it is not a case of out of sight out of mind. This can mean sending small gifts, cards or love-emails so your special someone knows that you are thinking of them.

---Use technology

In today’s digital age, long distance loves have never had more of a chance to survive. With apps like Facetime and Skype, it is easy to keep in regular contact despite the distance.

--- Communicate

As with any relationship, communication is a big factor. In a relationship where face to face communication may not always be possible, it is important for you to talk about your feelings via phone as opposed to saving up any issues for when you see the other person.

---Stay positive

Instead of focusing on the vast expanse of time you’re spending apart, take a look at the perks of a long distance relationship. Consider how your time doesn’t have to be divided between obligations, how you can just focus on the two of you when you are together and how you get to travel more because your honey lives elsewhere.