A Date In Central Park

A date in Central Park might not sound all that unique or exciting with all those horse drawn carriages, idyllic bench spots, as well as all those tourists and backpackers. However, with a little bit of creativity, Central Park, NY’s leading tourist attraction, can even be romantic.

Central Park with NY Skyline

Central Park with NY Skyline

Here are a few ideas for spicing up your Central Park dates.

1)  Rent a Rowboat

From the Loeb boathouse a small rowboat can be hired for $15 an hour. With picturesque views and a tranquil setting it’s easy to grab your own Notebook moment with your date.

2)  Make a picnic at the Pool

Sometimes it can be nice to abandon the glaring lights and tres chic ambience of a trendy restaurant and take it back to the basics on a comfy blanket with a bottle of wine, an interesting array of cheese and a container of strawberries. The waterfalls and willow trees can create a relaxed and intimate setting for you to get to know your date better.

3)  A Carousel Ride

Bring out your playful side by taking a ride on the Friedsam Memorial Carousel located right in the middle of the park. The twinkling music and onset of dizziness easily lightens the mood and shows your fun side. Who said rides were just for kids?

4)  Take a stroll over the Bow bridge

While there are many bridges you can opt to wander across with your date, Bow Bridge is a favorite of mine. Spanning 60 feet over the lake it allows for stunning views and intimate moments.

5)  Ice Skating

Come December and the arrival of those cold winter months, ice skating in Central Park is the epitome of a perfect date. It allows for banter with intimacy to a backdrop of twilight cityscapes.