Huffington Post- 11 Excuses That Are Stopping You From Getting Married

Since I am a professional matchmaker, single people are always telling me that theyreally want to get married. It is then my job to figure out if they really want marriage or if they are just saying that. When a person really wants to get married, they behave a certain way and think about things properly. They don't make excuses for why they are single; they take a proactive stand and go after what they want.

Here are 11 excuses that are keeping you single. As you read them, you should be thinking to yourself, "Is this me?" If this is indeed you, you need to think about what you can do to change your behavior so you can finally get out there and meet your spouse.

1. I am too busy at work right now. How busy are you really? We are all busy, but you need to make the time for things that are most important to you. Meeting your life partner should top your list.

2. I need to lose weight, but I don't have the time. How much time does it take to lose weight? For starters, try eating less and exercising one hour a day. That's not so much time, and exercising will make you feel more productive overall. In effect, you will actually give yourself extra time in your day.

3. I don't know anyone single of the opposite sex, so it's not my fault I am not dating. This is impossible. Of course you know single people of the opposite sex, but you might not realize it. Start asking! And start noticing if they wear a wedding band. If they don't, it's okay to assume they are available, and even if you discover that they are not, so what? Then, you just initiated a conversation with a new person who might know someone for you.

4. I am too high profile to online date. A-list celebrities have gone online to date. Are you telling me that you are more "high profile" than they are? Please... everyone is doing it, and it's completely acceptable, especially the newer private dating communities like The Dating Lounge on Facebook. Just do it!

5. All the men in my town are commitment-phobic, so what's the point?This is the biggest bunch of bull. You are only saying.... TO CONTINUE READING, CLICK HERE