Samantha's Dating Ponder-How Would You Define Dating?

Often times I will hear people say "I used to date him/her, " but what do they mean by this phrase? Did they go on a few dates with that person a long time ago or were they actually  "boyfriend/girlfriend"? How do you define dating? Many people seem to think that if they went on a few dates with someone, they dated them and then if they were more serious and spent more concentrated time, they were boyfriend, girlfriend. However, to me, I think that if you went out a few times with someone then you went "on a few dates with them" and if you dated someone that means you had "something" real with them, they were a special someone to you. I guess it's semantics but I would find it odd if a guy with whom I went on one date told people we dated. Don't you agree? What's your definition of dating??