Samantha's Dating Ponder-Can You Love More Than One Person at Once?

Whether you want to admit it or not, reality TV shows make for a great guilty pleasure during the summertime when a lot of shows are on hiatus. One of mine this summer is The Bachelorette and at the moment, all of America, or at least those who are watching it, is anxiously waiting for Ashley Hebert, the newest bachelorette, to give away her final rose in just a couple of weeks. Many sources have confirmed that she walks away from the show engaged, but to whom? She seems to have such a strong connection with all three of the final contestants; Constanine, Ben F, and JP. Is it possible to have such strong feelings for more than one person? It sure seems this way with Ashley as she thoroughly enjoys spending her time with each of the final three men. But, we all remember bachelor Jason who proposed to Melissa, only to take back her ring and reunite with Molly. My question is, is Ashley really in love with one of these men or is she just "in like" with all of them?? Have you ever been in love with more than one person at the same time? What do you think? Who will she choose?