Samantha's Dating Ponder- Can You Travel Together?

Holiday weekends are always a good time to have a romantic getaway with someone special. However, if it is the first time that you are traveling with your new significant other, I can understand how you might have "travel jitters."
 Here are a few tips to help enhance your weekend away and to prevent any unnecessary bickering.

1. Keep in mind that when you're traveling with someone, you are with them 24/7. As a result, its okay to give each other a little bit of breathing room each day of the trip, so that the time you are spending together is more special.

2. A weekend away is a marathon, not a sprint, so don't feel pressure to try to satisfy all your curiosities about your partner the moment you leave home.

3. During the course of the weekend, you are, invariably, going to discover something about your new beau that doesn't float your boat; however, don't  jump ship too quickly. It is better to let the weekend play out, wait until you return home to think back on the weekend and analyze your true feelings.

4. Don't be self-conscious about having your honey see you au natural. Keep in mind, he/she is already digging you for who you are, that is why you are spending the weekend together.

5. Most importantly, have fun!!