Samantha's Event Pick- Do you board much?

Boarding for Breast Cancer

Every October I try to attend as many Breast Cancer events as possible as there is nothing more important to a woman than helping to find a cure for this disease. This was my first time at a Boarding for Breast Cancer event and I was quite impressed with the turnout and the dedication to the cause. The idea behind boarding for breast cancer is how important early detection is especially for people who have active lifestyles. The women who founded this organization had a friend die of breast at 26, just two months after it was detected.
The event took place at Desiron, Frank Carfaro's very hip home furnishings store that has one of the coolest event spaces on it's bottom floor.  There was cool music, dancing and many attractive NY hipsters.  Definitely check it out next year and if you didn't get to support as many breast cancer events this year during October, please keep an eye out for the Bring a Friend for Breast Cancer event I am hosting in early December at the Susan G. Komen Holiday House.