Here's what I know... Actions speak louder than words

Have you ever wondered if someone who gushes "sweet nothings" to you is genuine or just full of "you know what?"

Here's what I know....

(1) Actions speak louder than words. You know that, I know that, trust it.

(2) Talk is cheap and easy and takes no effort. Actions takes effort, actions means something.

(3) You need to pay attention to whether or not those words he is saying to you are unique to you or whether he gushes them to everyone. Does he say "Hi Beautiful!" to everyone he talks to on the phone or is that just to you?

(4) You need to think whether or not his expression of strong emotions for you came before or after he knew you well enough to gush.

(5) You need to think about whether his lines are just "hooking you" and making you stick around rather than making you feel good about the situation at hand.

(6) You need to think about whether you are making excuses for his lack of actions because he gushes sweet nothings at you. Yes, it feels good to hear you are "sexy" 10 times a day but when was the last time he actually asked you out on a proper date?