Here's what I know... Sometimes it good to have no plans and see what can happen.

Have you ever noticed that the most fun you have is when you don't have any plans and things just happen?

Here's what I know...

(1) People in big cities are super busy so sometimes having plans on the fly works better.

(2) In today's day and age, playing "hard to get" is not necessarily a good thing if it stops you from doing something you might enjoy.

(3) Sometimes, being open to possibilities, can bring you a world of possibilities that you were not expecting.

(4) Sometimes when you are locked into too many plans, you will miss the forest between the trees.

(5) Sometimes it is better to be open for something new, rather than just planning the same old thing again and again.

(6) If you find yourself with a no plan night, take a chance and go somewhere you would never go and see what might unfold.