Here's what I know... Secrets about men

Do you ever wonder if men speak a secret language that we woman are just not privy to?

Here's what I know...

(1) Men and women think differently, they just do. You can't change this, you need to accept it.

(2) Men won't answer an email where you ask them a question until they have the answer to that question. This means that they won't even think to say, "checking on it, will get back to you." They simply assume you know this!

(3) Men don't need little flirty chitchat during the work day. This doesn't mean that they don't like it sometimes, but they don't need it, the way women do.

(4) Men have very short attention spans for your lonnnnggggg stories. You can count on maybe 6o seconds before their mind wonders to baseball stats or to check out the hot blond in the corner. Don't' be offended by this, just try to make your stories shorter.

(5) Men remember things in generalities. They remember that you are getting together on Saturday night, but they may not remember when they said they would call you to confirm the plan. All they know is that the plan is there and they expect you to know that as well.

(6) Men don't obsess about relationshipy things to 10 of their friends like you do. Hence, chances are, they have analyzed the situation from quite as many angles as you have. You can't be mad at them for this since they didn't have a team of advisors on the case!