Here's what I know...You need to have some basics if you are having a girl over to your home.

Do you ever wonder what are the girl staples you should have at your house if you are planning to have a girl over?

Here's what I know...

(1) You need to have something there that a woman would drink, i.e., wine or vodka, not just moonshine and Tequila!

(2) You need to have at least one morsel of food to offer. (Keep a box of crackers in your cabinet or a bag of pretzels, something you can offer her.

(3) You need to have real cutlery and real dishes. If you are out of college, eating only with paper and plastic just doesn't cut it!

(4) You need to have kneenex and napkins. A lady does not like to blow her nose with toilet paper, nor does she like to use papertowels as napkins.

(5) Women like mood music, so even if you don't, you should have some if you are trying to get her in the mood.

(6) Women like candles. Candles are easy to buy, they sell them everywhere, so its very easy for you to have a few on hand in your home. You don't want to go overboard with the stinky ones but the ones that are pretty and make her feel romantic are perfect!

Remember that Friends episode when Ross cooked for Rachel the first time??