Here's what I know... Men again.... bad topics for a date.

As a man, do you feel that you constantly say and do things on dates that you think are okay, only to realize later on that what you said or did was an absolute "no no"?

Here's what I know...

(1) Bad topic- your ex and how much you hate her. You don't want the new woman to worry that you will bad mouth her in the same way sometime in the future.

(2) Bad topic- your mother and how much you hate her. Women use how a man treats his mom as a barometer for how he will treat her.

(3) Bad date topic- your obsession with any sports team in particular. Women know men love sports and they are okay with that, but they tend to shy away from the obsessed type.

(4) Bad topic-how much money you lost in the stock market. Women want security. This does not mean they are gold diggers, they just want to believe that if they end up with you that they will have a roof over their head.

(5) Bad date topic- how anti-social you are. It's okay if you are not a social butterfly, but no girl wants to date someone with social issues.

(6) Bad date topic- how much money you have. Women like guys who are successful, but they hate braggarts.

Check out Rusty on the ABC Family drama, Greek. He could use some of this advice!