Here's what I know...People make "time" for those they are "into"

Right about now, people are revisiting the notion of what "he's just not that into you" means. because the movie is hitting the theatres this week.

So here's what I know...

(1)People make time for those they like, but time can come in many different forms.

(2)Before you write-off a guy or a girl because you are not getting the traditional "face to face, uninterrupted, I love you, kiss, kiss, kiss" time you want, take a real look at the time you are getting and try appreciating that time.
(3)Time might mean taking the time to write a sweet email as opposed to a one word "grunt" answer.

(4)Time might mean taking the time to explain why one needs to go MIA or why one isn't going to be available for the next several days, a week.

(5)Time might mean remembering something silly you said once in passing and then referencing it on the phone or in an email.

(6)Time might mean answering your call for 30 seconds during a business function.

(7)Time might mean remembering to make a Valentine's reservation in the midst of working 16 hour days because one is in the middle of losing one's biggest client or trying to avoid being one of the 10,000 people one's company is laying off.

Remember.... Whether or not "he's just not that into you" is never black and white!