Here's what I know...You won't get over your ex until you find someone new

Did you ever notice that you are never get over the last guy, until you find the next guy?

Here's what I know...

(1) As much as you think you can stay in touch with the Ex while you are looking for the "next" you can't.

(2) As much as you think you need your ex's friendship to survive, you don't. You need to find a new friend or you will never find a new guy.

(3) As much as you think you can date your ex casually and date other guys at the same time, you can't. You won't be giving those other guys a fair chance, you just won't be.

(4) As much as you think you will be better off mentally if you keep having sex with your ex while you are starting to date, you won't be. And no, this won't keep you from being sleazy or from sleeping with a new guy too quickly. You can rationalize whatever you want, but sex with the ex, is only that, sex with the ex.

(5) Yes, you will get over the ex eventually but first you need to get rid of him so you can meet someone else. Then you can take him back, but as a friend, on your own terms.