Aren't these things supposed to be obvious???

Obvious 1- If you say to a girl that you want her to go away with you for New Year’s, she will think you like her, alot. (So if you don’t, don’t say stupid S-H-I-T like that!)

Obvious 2- If you fool around with a guy you barely know on the first date, he is not going to believe you when you say "you never do this."

Obvious 3- If you text and email someone repeatedly, if they make plans with you and cancel them at the last minute, and if they go MIA and then have a lame excuse, they are not into you. Period. No rationalizations, no excuses, THEY ARE NOT INTO YOU.

Obvious 4- Girls who are in their 20’s more times than not, only choose to date men in their 50’s if they want something from them ,and usually "that something" is money. (If you are in your 50’s and want to date a girl in your 20’s, just admit it to yourself regardless of how young you think you look, that she is a gold-digger in some capacity)

Obvious 5- People fabricate the truth in their online dating profiles. (If it looks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it’s a duck!)