Some good rules...

1. Have an arsenal of backup dating conversation topics: where you last traveled, a funny childhood story, or your favorite new restaurant.

2. A man needs to know that a woman is willing to have children even though he doesn’t want her to be desperate to have them immediately. This is a fine line, learn to walk it well.

3. People who use dating services are not desperate, they are busy and desirous of getting married.

4. Men like women who go out on a flirtatious limb, and do something like send them is an unexpected email or take them for an evening out on the town.

5. Even beautiful sexy women get nervous before dates.

6. Always wear matching bras and underwear, you never know who is going to see them.

7. It doesn’t matter if a man can pick a great date place. At the end of the day it’s more important that he’s willing to go to the places you pick out since when you are married, women usually wind up making all the social plans.

8. Men who come from picture-perfect families can have very high expectations for their own relationships. Keep this in mind as you date and try to get this man to live in the present instead of his childhood past.

9. Men who come from divorced families are not always dysfunctional. A lot of times they want to have a better marriage than their parents had, and they will work harder for that.

10. Men like pretty, well-kept women, this is a fact. You need to do the very best with what you have.

11. You get invited, you go; that’s what my Grandmother taught me.

12. Answering your cell phone several times during a date is inappropriate. If you need to answer you phone, the polite thing to do is tell your date that you will need to do this at the beginning of the date so he or she doesn’t take it personally.

13. If you are in a bad mood, you are better off canceling the date.

14. If you are rude to wait-staff, your date will think it’s just a matter of time before you are equally rude to them.