Love, Hollywood style.

Love, Hollywood style.

Some would say that love in La la land is near impossible to maintain. The paparazzi follows your every move, the tabloids report mistruths that upset the romance applecart, and the temptation quotient is off the charts. However there are some quintessionial old time Hollywood couples who have bucked all the trends and who epitomize true Hollywood romance. What do these stars do differently than all the others, and why have their relationships been able to sustain the test of time? Let’s a take look at a few of your favorite Hollywood super couples who believe in love…

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw- They met when Capshaw auditioned for a part in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. They married in 91, and have since had five children. Spielberg is one of the most prolific director/producers of our time and Capshaw is very supportive of his success. With her quiet elegance, she remains in the background, acting as a devoted cheerleader in all facets of Spielberg’s life. She even converted to Judaism early on to make family life more cohesive for their children. With five kids in the house, Capshaw wears the role of mother and wife more than as an actress these days and seems quite satisfied in that role. It seems that this marriage works because Spielberg and Capshaw have been able to find the perfect balance between home and Hollywood life and the perfect balance between the spotlight and staying behind the scenes. This couple respects one another and always makes time for family. As we can see from this couple, sometimes in Hollywood marriages, it’s best to have the ying and the yang.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver- A very unlikely couple who have proven that their marriage can successfully sustain the test of time. As is common knowledge by now, Shriver is from a very well known and staunchly Democratic family, while Schwarzenegger is a republican who grew up in working class family in Austria. Shriver was drawn to him because he could stand his ground with her family which was not surprising considering he was once dubbed the strongest man in America. They met in 1986, and married soon thereafter. They have 4 children together and both take family very seriously. Upon their marriage they were both working and high powered, but more recently Shriver has stepped down and has taken a back seat to Schwarzenegger’s governorship; she seemed to know instinctively that this was vital to their marriage. This couple truly knows how to support each other and make a marriage work.

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. They met in 1988 and have 2 children together, though they have never tied the knot. She acts and he acts and directs. And she is 12 years older than he is! They bond over their anti-war beliefs, they devotion to the family (Robbins drove to NY from LA on Sept 11 to be with Sarandon and the kids and to make sure that they were okay.). They seem to really respect each other and to have a deep connection that helps their relationship sustain the test of time.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks- Some would say that this couple is the perfect Hollywood couple. They first met in 1981 on the set of Bosom Buddies and then reunited on the set of Volunteers in 1985. They married in 1988, a first marriage for her and a second marriage for Hanks after his first wife had passed away. They have 2 kids together. Hanks is one of the most sought after male talents in all of Hollywood, Wilson seems to stick to more of the Indy projects and allows Tom to shine. Their ability to stay out of the limelight except when necessary is probably one of the key factors in keeping their marriage so strong.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn- a favorite Hollywood couple. They acted together in Overboard, fell in love but never got married and have been together forever and ever. They have one child together and 3 separately. Their low key attitude and mutual admiration seems to keep them together and on the right course.

Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones- They are the most elegant couple in Hollywood. They met at the Deauville Film festival in 1998, started dating in March of 99, got engaged New Years Eve of 99 and married in November of 2000. They share the same birthday although there is a 25 year age difference between them. And since 2000 they have had 2 children together. This glamour couple’s marriage seems to work because Douglas has already become a Hollywood icon so he can now sit back and although his wife’s star to shine. Sometimes when two people are vying for success and attention at the same time, egos get involved and things crash and burn. Douglas will always be famous and a box office topper, so he no longer need or cares about the press attention. He realizes that it’s his wife’s turn and you can tell that he is very proud and very supportive.