Happy New Year.

I just got back from a very interesting and soap opera like vacation in Aspen Colorado. Stay tuned for several installments of Dating and Mating in Aspen this week and next...

But in the meantime… Some tips for getting back on the dating horse in January….

1. Go out even when it’s freezing outside but stay in the neighborhood- if you are feeling lazy you better believe other people are as well.

2. Organize interesting get-togethers during the winter months. There are not as many social events this time a year so you have to make your own fun.

3. Use the next few weeks of football playoffs and the Super Bowl as an excuse to socialize.

4. Remind people in your life that you are single and would like to have someone to cuddle up with, so they should keep you in mind.

5. Think about taking a ski vacation- 'tis the season and do something fun and outdoorsy is a great way to meet someone.

6. Go to a movie in the afternoon- in the winter people do this.

7. Try online dating – you know you have been thinking about doing it. If you are already doing it, redo your profile- give it a sprucing- if you say something different you might attract different people or think about trying a completely new site, they are plenty of them out there.

8. Walk to work on a different route- if you vary things up you might see new people.

9. Update your hairstyle, making a change, however so slight, this could shake things up a bit.

10. Cut bait with that guy or girl who has been lingering in your life and who you know is not right for you; it’s a new year, its time to move on.

11. Do something daring; you will feel like a new you!

12. Go to a party that you don’t want to go to, you might be surprised with who is there.

13. Make a new friend; friends are a great way of meeting new people of the opposite sex.

14. Call an old friend who you haven’t spoken to in awhile and make plans to see them. Connecting with someone from the past feels good and you might be surprised that they might know someone interesting for you.

15. Come out of the closet if you are gay- it’s about time, isn’t it?

16. Have sex in a new position or in a daring place- how exhilarating!