Blog 1- Welcome!

My name is Samantha Daniels, this is my first blog entry, so welcome to my blog. I was told that I need to tell you alot about myself, maybe even brag a bit if I want my blog to be your one-stop shopping location for all things dating and relationships. So here goes...

This blog is going to be about sex all the time, every lurid position, every dirty thought… Kidding, just wanted to get your attention! So, now that I have it…. Let me tell you a little about myself----- (And don’t be so disappointed, there will certainly be sex in the mix, but there will also be great dating and relationships thoughts, stories and advice- you’ll love it, trust me!) Okay, so now my bio…You might have heard of me, or at least I hope you have- I am a modern day Matchmaker in New York City and Los Angeles and own a company called Samantha’s Table, I have helped thousands of people get into relationships and I coach people on the do’s and don’ts of dating everyday. I provide dating and relationship commentary for TV shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America and Movie and A Makeover as well as for newspapers like USA Today and magazines like Glamour, US Weekly and In Touch.

Additionally I wrote a book that came out this year called, Matchbook, The Diary of Modern Day Matchmaker (Simon and Schuster 2005) which is a voyeuristic look into dating and relationships in NY. It reads like a cross between Sex and the City and Bridget Jones Diary, you will love it if you are currently a dater or have ever been a dater sometime in your life (I think that should cover everyone on the planet!). All the characters have nicknames like Dr Touchy, Looks Good from Afar guy, and Miss Golddigger- you will relate to my book either because you are Miss Boobs or Mr. Gazillionaire with the Pinky Ring or you have dated someone who is one of my characters. I will be plugging the books mercilessly throughout this blog because I am proud of my book and I really want you to read it. It’s sarcastic, honest, heartwarming and very instructional just like I am hoping this blog will be

I probably should tell you why I am writing this blog. Well it has to do with the fact that I have gone into no writing withdrawal recently. I wrote Matchbook last year, and I used to come home every night and download right onto my computer all the dating crap I was experiencing personally and all the dating crap I was being told about by friends and clients, for the purposes of my book. All that downloading amounted to 312 pages of a book and I found that it was as quite cathartic to have an outlet for sharing it.

Now, book is done, book is out so I am harboring a lot of dating experiences and craziness within- its not good for the soul. I need to share it all immediately. Yes, I will write another book but first I wanted to give this blogging thing a whirl- it provides more instantaneous gratification = I write, you read it immediately- sounds good to me! And you comment, a lot, and you ask questions and then I'll comment a lot, it sounds like a great symbiotic relationship, don’t you think????

How often will I write- I don’t know, I am going to try everyday, you can count on once a week certainly.

What will I write about? I will be writing about all things dating and relationships. Sometimes I am going to be answering dating and relationship questions that come to me from clients, friends or all of you out there in cyberland. Sometimes its going to be sharing my own personal dating experiences, good and crappy, and some times, it is going to be thoughts on dating, maybe when I see something crazy or I am asked five times in one week a variation on the same dating issue. Sometimes, I am going to talk celebrity relationships, other times I am going to take a look at relationships on TV (I am a TV junkie) or in movies ( I like those too).Oh and did I mention that sometimes I am going to plug my book, Matchbook- maybe include excerpts for your reading enjoyment. So feel free to write to me here with a question and I will give you some advice, some good advice- real advice. I am going to pick controversial dating and relationship topics, heartwarming stories, and give some real and kick ass advice.

So that’s it- happy reading, let me know you think and buy my book!