Bitter but not hopeless, I hope...

I got an email this morning that read…
“Why does your blog have that name and why should I care? So what that I am alone, what can I do about it anyway?”

Hmmm, I thought I was clear about the blog name. I guess its back to bragging again (this time with a photo!).This blog is called Miss Match blog because I was the woman who the short lived but very cute NBC dramedy Miss Match starring Alicia Silverstone was based on. I figured… cute name for a blog, the show was quite an accomplishment and besides which Matchblog, my first choice was taken, so here we are!

Why should she care? Hmmm, seems like my writer is a bit bitter, which is understandable considering it is bleak and raining here in New York City and on every radio station they are playing Deck the Halls already and she is all alone.

Well my bitter friend, if you're single and you don’t want to be... you should care. Or if you are in a crappy relationship and you are not sure what do to do about it, you should care. Plus the holidays are approaching and it sucks to be alone, so you should care.

And to answer your question about what you can do about it...

A Do’s and Don'ts list would be appropriate here I dare say...

Don’t give up. Yes, sometimes you will feel like slitting your wrists but there is always a new day around the corner and with it come some more possibilities.

Do take stock of your life- what changes can you make to get different results. Maybe join a new gym or walk to work on a different route- anything that will have you interacting with different people to mix things up for you a bit

Do something frivolous- go buy that slinky dress you had your eye on, get your hair highlighted, get your makeup done before you go out to a holiday party, do something that will make you feel carefree.

Do reconnect with someone who used to make you laugh, alot. Even if you haven’t been in touch with that person in along time, they will be flattered to hear from you and if you come right out and say that you were thinking of them with a smile on your face because they always made you laugh, they will certainly oblige and make you laugh again.

Do make a New Year's resolution early but make it a resolution to accomplish by the time of New Years instead of after New Years, this way you will have a goal and purpose during the holiday season and any time you feel sad you can focus your energy here. if your goal is to meet someone by New Years this is fine but make that goal more specific- I am going to meet someone who ..... respects me, males me laugh, loves to golf like I do, wants to have children, etc. A goal that is just I want to meet someone is too general, being more specific will get you to focus on finding someone who will really work for you and will take you away from trying to find someone who has every single thing you are looking for in a partner, since we know that this is never possible- focusing in a bit will be helpful for you.