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Upscale Matchmaker, Samantha Daniels-Samantha’s Table Matchmaking Service

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About the Book - Fans of Sex and the City and Bridget Jones Diary, and anyone who loves to date vicariously, will fall in love with Matchbook. In this irresistible read, America’s hippest matchmaker borrows from her real life experiences to create an urban love story about searching for “The One”.

When people learn what Samantha Daniels does for a living, they have to know more. How did she become a matchmaker? How many matches have led to marriage? How does it work? Who’s her craziest client? Samantha Daniels is unlike any matchmaker you’ve ever heard of. Young, ambitious, and stylishly hip, she’s the founder of Samantha’s Table, an introduction service that caters to singles in New York and Los Angeles who are ready to invest seriously in the task of finding The One. Working as their cheerleader, part-time therapist, dating coach, voice of reason, and closest confidante, she sets them up on twelve dates and helps them down the road to happily ever after. Readers learn how Daniels started up her matchmaking business (How much do you charge for finding the love of someone’s life? How do you screen out the Undateables?), and get to know the colorful cast of characters whom she fondly refers to as her “Desperadoes.” There’s “Mr. Cheapskate,” “Miss Man Hunt,” and “Looks Good From Afar Guy.” There’s the 39-year old female corporate exec who wants a husband yesterday; there's the guy who will only date women worthy of Brad Pitt; there’s the gazillionaire who offers a $60,000 bonus if Samantha can find him a supermodel wife; there's the very well-endowed woman who's having trouble finding men attracted to her mind; and a host of others. Will Samantha be able to make them a match?


And more importantly, how did this matchmaker find herself a match? You would think that meeting hundreds of single men would make dating a snap, but not even a matchmaker can avoid the pitfalls of single life. Readers are also introduced to another lively cast of characters- the guys that Daniels's herself dated in the book. Readers meet the many "Not For Me" guys, and a few "Maybe For Me" guys- to see that even a celebrated matchmaker was a Desperado herself.


Throughout the book, Daniels also offers real dating advice (such as the most common first-date mistakes, what men really want, what women hate and tried-and-true conversation topics) and tricks of the trade (why September is the best month for matchmaking). Like a real life episode of The Bachelor, Matchbook is a wild ride through the flirty, unpredictable world of urban dating with a wise and witty guide at the helm. For those who love romance and anyone looking for love, Matchbook is a perfect match.


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