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“Most Eligible Bachelors” in New York



Samantha’s Table, the high profile bicoastal matchmaking company is conducting a search

to uncover the Most Eligible Bachelors in New York. The search culminates right

before Valentine’s Day with the list being revealed in the president of Samantha's Table,

Samantha Daniels's blog on the Huffington Post.



The requirements for a bachelor to be considered are as follows:

 l he must live or work in the New York area

l he must be single, either never married or fully divorced

l he must be in his 30s, 40s or 50s

l and he must be gainfully employed or financially independent



Please tell us why you think this person is a eligible bachelor: 


           (Please share with us why this person is more than just a man who holds a high profile job, has a big bank account

           or is just a handsome face. Please share with us things like their fascinating hobbies, interesting philanthropic

           endeavors, unusual travel interests, their connection to family and friends, their dedication to their job, etc. Please

           be advised that you can still submit someone EVEN IF you do not fill out this box.)



If you have access to a photo, please upload it here.





*If you checked the anonymous box above, we will not inform the person of your submission.


** Samantha’s Table makes no promises, guarantees or warranties as to who will be chosen to be part of the eligible bachelor list. Submissions must be made on or before February 13, 2010, 11:59pm.